NVolve is a secure social network that turns your company into a community.

Get Everyone NVolve’d

NVolve is a secure, cloud-based, social business network that supports online communication and collaboration across your organization. Members can contribute ideas, ask questions and share files via email, web, and mobile devices. Designed to be intuitive, organized, and easy to use; NVolve instantly connects your entire team, regardless of their location.

Enterprise communication software, simplified.

It’s clean and easy to use, so that everyone at your company can benefit. There’s nothing to install or update, so you never have to worry about maintenance.

Instantly share with anyone or everyone.

Once you sign-up, you can instantly get your company NVolve’d. Simply invite members and they can immediately begin to share ideas, link to media, and ask questions.

Contribute on the go.

NVolve has 3 easy ways to contribute; on the website, by email, and on mobile devices. This secure ecosystem creates a unified experience across all access points. Which allows traveling or satellite employees to stay informed and engaged.

Engage employees

Using an interface similar to Facebook and Twitter we’ve created an intuitive user experience that keeps the focus on the content. NVolve puts the most important and exciting conversations at your company in a single location, allowing anyone to contribute.

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